Telephone: 0117 4576645

Postcode: BS48 2HN on site at Nailsea School

Start Date:  September 2024

Yr Group/subject/s Level/s: Yr 11 GCSE Double Science and/or GCSE Fdn Maths Aged 15 two girls same level (5/6ish) in together

SEN: SEMH   Hourly Fee: £40

Hours/Days:  11.20-1.20 Tues, Weds, Thurs – 2 hours Double Science x 2 days plus pw 2 hour Maths one day, can be separate tutors

They are both in school and capable students but not fully motivated to engage in class academically. Tutors need to re-engage enthusiasm.

Text Sue for more info: 07510289617