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We call upon Primary, GCSE and A Level tutors across the whole of Bristol and South Gloucestershire to find the right one for you.

Do you need:

  • Guided exam practice using past papers?
  • Help with coursework?
  • Support with the syllabus?

Getting those much needed GCSE and A Level grades can be very stressful, especially if learners are finding some topics difficult. The impact of school closures means that years 9, 10 and 11 have missed many months of GCSE preparation in core subjects and face to face or online tutoring will boost your child’s curriculum knowledge so they can confidently prepare for their GCSEs and A Levels.


We have great English tutors in Bristol and in South Gloucestershire. At Bristol Tuition we are here to help you succeed, whether it’s for your GCSE or A Levels, we have the right tutors for you.


Bristol Tuition has superb Maths tutors providing GCSE and A Level Maths tuition in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.


Our tutors can help with Chemistry, Biology or Physics or any combination of the three!

“Joel is an excellent tutor and he is preparing me well for my GCSE Maths exams”


English tutoring with Katherine has brought the texts alive and I have even enjoyed the poetry! She has shown me how to present my essays in a structured way, which has really raised my grades.


I want to go to University to study to become a dentist and having Paul help me with A Level Chemistry has been a real boost to my understanding of some quite complex topics.


Stop the Slip!

Recent events have meant that a lot of classroom learning has been missed and many children and young people are struggling to return to the classroom. This may be due to having forgotten a lot of information while the schools were closed and they are now losing confidence in their abilities, or it may be because of social or health anxieties getting in the way of being able to focus while in class. Whatever the issue, our tutors are able to work with tutees on a one to one basis, to alleviate anxiety, fill the gaps in their knowledge, build confidence again and stop the slip!

learn in Safety

Bristol Tuition can offer 1-1 tuition both face to face or online. Our tutors and clients are provided with up to date Covid guidelines and the tutors operate safe practice when working face to face in a home or school setting. If you would prefer to have online tutoring, we can arrange it.


  • There are NO registration or other agency fees
  • Simply ‘Pay as You Go’ to your home tutor
  • Hourly sessions are £35 up to GCSE (£30 online) and £40 for A Level (£35 online)


In the event of a private client cancelling a tutor without 24 hours’ notice we ask that a £15 cancellation fee be paid to the tutor towards loss of earnings. If a tutor arrives at your home and a session does not take place, the full hourly fee will apply.

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